Interviu cu General Managerul EAFL Falcons domnul Dustin Cherniawski

UEFL , organizaţia responsabilă cu administrarea fotbalului american din Emiratele Arabe Unite, este
condusă din poziţia de general manager de Dustin Cherniawski, fost jucător profesionist în campionatul
canadian. Dustin este omul cu care am dialogat pentru a organiza partida dintre Rebels şi Falcons şi am
profitat de ocazie pentru a-i pune câteva întrebări despre ce înseamnă fotbalul american în Emirate şi l-am
rugat să facă o radiografie a evoluţiei acestui sport la nivel mondial.
1. What could you tell us about american football in UAE?
American football really took hold in 2012 when the Emirates American Football League was formed.
Since then, we grew from 25 youth and 30 men to a league of 400 athletes and 50+ coaches spread across
5 clubs and 20 teams along with 17 officials. We have 53 nationalities represented in the EAFL with only
43% holding North American passports. All players are unpaid amateurs who live and work in the United
Arab Emirates.
2. What are the teams playing under the Falcons umbrella team?
Abu Dhabi Wildcats
Al Ain Desert Foxes
Dubai Barracudas
Dubai Stallions
3. Could you share with us more about the Falcons technical staff?
Head Coach – Johnny Sharp III (USA) – Al Ain Desert Foxes
Offensive Coordinator – Zavier Cobb (USA) – Dubai Barracudas
Defensive Coordinator – Patrick Campos (USA) – Dubai Barracudas
Team Doctor – Dr. Janine Mckay
4. What do you think about the american football development around the world, how it is organized
today and collaboration between countries? Any guess if this sport has the chance to become and olimpic
sport in 2024?

American football continues to grow rapidly outside of North America which is really positive. South
America and Europe are hot spots for football. In the Middle East, we have new teams forming in Saudi
Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon. We are very excited to see how passionate people are about football,

Our experience with the international football scene has been excellent. The countries we speak to are
very friendly and enthusiastic to play games with us. Although the clubs are not at the level you would
find in the USA, the focus seems to be on fun and pride. However, more football knowledge is needed
through quality coaching. Import players will bring the football culture and can show their teammates
how to practice and play at the highest levels.

5.. In Romania, the american football is still under development. What are, in your opinion, the steps that
should be taken in order to take it to a semi-pro level?

Raise the level of play by offering three things:
1. Quality coaching – this is the most important. Without good coaching, you will not develop (or attract)
talented players. A good coach knows how to recruit players.
2. Good marketing – showing the public a quality product will convince them to join
3. Games – this is why we play the sport!
6. What do you know about Romania in general?

Not very much, I’m afraid! But we are very excited to experience the culture. Especially the food!

As for football, we look forward to a tough game. You guys are very organized and enthusiastic.
Communication and preparation has been excellent in the lead up to this game. I think the future is bright
for the Rebels.
7. Could you share some words for the american football fans in Romania?

The Falcons are thrilled at the opportunity to play this game. The players and coaches are practicing hard
so that we can give the Rebels and their fans an exciting experience with lots of scoring. We hope that
this game will be fun, fair, injury-free, and raise awareness of football in Romania. We hope the Rebels
can visit us in the United Arab Emirates in the future.

Vă reamintim că Rebels întâlnesc selecţionata Ligii Emiratelor Arabe Unite într-o partidă ce se va disputa
sâmbătă, în incinta Complexului Sportiv Ion Ţiriac, cu începere de la ora 17:30.

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